Reassessment Advisory Committee

The King George County Reassessment Advisory Committee acts as a liaison between citizens and the board of supervisors for matters related to the 2025 real estate reassessment.

This committee was established by a resolution in October 2023. The committee shall be comprised of five members. Two members shall be county administration’s communications and community engagement coordinator and commissioner of the revenue office’s real estate specialist. The remaining three members shall be residents. As such, the board of supervisors is accepting applications for resident representatives interested in serving on the committee with a preference for individuals with training or expertise in finance, banking, real estate or title agency, and/or agriculture.

Members would collectively act in an advisory capacity to the board of supervisors by providing input on the solicitation of a reassessment contractor, suggesting drafts of public notices concerning the reassessment, and providing suggestions or sampling to assist with quality control of the reassessment contractor's performance (subject to legal confidentiality restrictions and not to be duplicative of work of the board of equalization).

Please submit a completed form by email to or mail to the executive administrative assistant at 10459 Courthouse Dr., Suite 201, King George, VA 22485.

Member Application