Active-Duty Military Exemption

Active duty military residents of King George County must submit their leave and earning statement (LES) dated January 1 of the tax year to the commissioner of the revenue’s office by February 15 of the tax year to qualify for personal property exemption if your home state of record is not Virginia. If the vehicle is titled/registered with a spouse, a copy of their military ID, front and back, will also need to be provided for possible exemption. If you lease your vehicle(s), please provide a copy of your vehicle registration with your LES. If you are discharged or retire from the military, please submit form DD214 to our office so we may update our records to reflect you are no longer on active duty.

Documentation can be submitted via one of the methods below.

  • By mail to Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office, 10459 Courthouse Drive, Suite 101, King George, VA 22485
  • In person at the Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office (10459 Courthouse Drive, Suite 101)
  • By fax to 540-775-5062
  • By email to